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This is the Internet domain of Tobias Rischer. I am a freelance computer programmer, working and living in Munich, Germany.

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Contact information

My postal address is:

                 Tobias Rischer
                 Elvirastr. 11
                 80636 München

      Email: tobias@rischer.com


If you need a programmer for embedded systems, with solid knowledge in structured C programming, C++ and Assembler, with good experience in communication protocols and standards, it could be me.

I charge 60 Euro per hour; I am currently involved in a long-term development project, so I'm not available for full-time contracts at the moment, but I am always interested in limited / part-time projects.

Computer and Literature

I used to work with SGML and its applications to literary texts in the mid-90s. Some years ago, I have picked up that thread again, at least as an interested observer. I still think that nothing beats a well-made real book on paper, but a well-made electronic text can be a useful addition.

I was member of a Text Encoding Initiative work group that investigated the migration of existing TEI/SGML documents to TEI/XML (here's it's home page)

Technical details on rischer.com

If you are interested in obscure historical notes on hosting and web design of this domain, follow me.


I have a small and slowly growing collection of pictures, mostly hiking tours and family.

On Art

You'll find some ASCII art on these pages. I like this minimalist art form. The pictures marked with VK were made by Veronica Karlsson and I am still wondering what to borrow from David Palmer. My modest contribution is the GNU logo that I use on my letterhead and in my email signature:

         " "

(The "still loving GNU" phrase confused outsiders and is not really true anyway. I just changed it in my email signature, but you'll still find it in my printed letterhead)

Local scrap

This is a time tunnel to some local stuff that had accumulated in virtual cardboard boxes, drawers and cellars. It started to exist long before this computer was on the Internet. You do not need this. Do not follow this link.

[Tobias on the shores of northern Norway]